Hi! I’m The Cool Ant,

a.k.a. the real-life “aunt” to a growing collective of friends’ awesome kiddos. It's my job to bring the cool into their lives and into their closets. 

I've always preferred giving personalized gifts to choosing something uninspired off a registry. After all, nothing says "I can't wait to meet this tiny human you've created" like a...burp cloth? 

Enter The Cool Ant. 

The Cool Ant is a new take on a closet staple, designed to show off the creative, artsy, sporty, zany, and sweet personalities of these awesome little people, and the cool adults who love them. Each denim jacket comes with one soft-to-the-touch chenille varsity alphabet letter patch. From there, you can keep it chic and simple, or build on your dream denim design with everything from tacos to tennis balls. 

Gift the ultimate accessory that will infuse them with creativity, confidence, and cool. After all, that’s the cool aunt’s job.